Dr Ting Seng Kiong
Deputy President (Academic)
Singapore Institute of Technology

“The YBS approach of mentoring entrepreneurship is something that we at SIT want for our students as funding and providing space is too passive. We want to nurture those SIT students who aspire to be entrepreneurs by providing them with the ecosystem that supports them through the whole process of idea development and business practices.” 


jessen Mr Heinrich Jessen
Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd

“It doesn’t need to take much for a youthful idea to fly. A little seed money, a sound word of advice, and an introduction to a contact or two. That, coupled with a budding ambition, is often all it takes to make a dream become a success story.”

chandran Mr Chandran Nair
Managing Director
Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd

“National Instruments (SE Asia)”

“Heartware gives me a platform to mentor youth, where I can work with and share business experience with young entrepreneurs. It brings me joy knowing that we work with the youth who want to create a value-based while business consciously giving back to society.”

oonjitseng Mr Oon Jit Seng
Director (Group Strategy)
Standard Chartered Bank

“Being a sounding board to a young aspiring entrepreneur is an interesting challenge to me. At work I develop strategies for a Global Bank. In my personal time I have an interest in Internet technologies and e-businesses. Being a YBS mentor allows me to apply my strategy skills in this exciting space, and hopefully give some useful advice!”

david Mr David Lee
Principal Trainer
Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd

“YBS is doing a great job.”


serene Serene Tan
Sorgen Pte Ltd
“I believe that YBS’s support shows a recognition of young entrepreneurs in Singapore and such a support is made practical and meaningful through their interest-free loan and mentorship programme.”
 Edwin (Opcon) and Raymond  Edwin Yeo
Opcon Pte Ltd

“Heartware provided me with a very caring and competent mentor to guide me. Their experiences allowed me to manage a better business that’s profitable and to give back to youths in society.”

jerry Jerry Chen Yongjie
Express In Music Pte Ltd

“Thank you YBS for the support and belief. YBS had been supportive during very challenging times and we really appreciate very much the trust YBS had given to us. YBS has a strong culture that is fundamentally sound with strong leadership and management which youths can tap upon. As a business owner now, I personally do admire and aspire to manage my organisation just like how YBS had done with minimal but committed manpower.”

szeming Woo Sze Ming
Gamurai Pte Ltd

“YBS has provided a great Mentor, Mr Goh Yong Seng to us, and we have benefited much from his experience and advice. I have also learned a lot from the Youth Business China Exchange Trip to FuJian. It has given me great exposure and awareness that we should work even harder than our china counterparts given the environment and support we have in Singapore.”

deric  Deric Yeak Chung Chao
 Lefty Talents Group

 “The best thing that happens to me in my attempt to startup for the past 2  years is the mentor YBS introduced to me. One year has already passed, he  still meets up with me regularly and gives me advice whenever I get struck  in situations as well as in my thoughts process.
 If I succeed one day, I hope to return to be a mentor in YBS to pay it  forward.”

   Looi Qin En    Looi Qin En
Glints Interns Pte Ltd

“Starting a business is no easy feat, and we learnt it the hard way. I started the idea of selling shirts. Having learnt the nuances and complexities of the business world and fashion industry, we failed really quickly, but learnt immensely. In less than 2 months, we started Glints, a talent platform for companies and interns to find each other. Our mission is simple. We want more youths to experience action-oriented learning. Fail fast, learn fast. That was how we matured within the short span of months to start a sustainable, profitable business.

We are really glad to receive YBS support and tap on their extensive network of mentors to help us accelerate our business growth. “

Zhou Wenhan Wenhan
2359 Media Pte Ltd

“YBS was really helpful in providing the loan which was useful in providing critical cash flow during the early phases of a startup.

 In addition YBS’s mentor was involved in helping us challenge our business model and a role model for young entrepreneurs.”