About Heartware


Heartware Network, (estb 2000) is a registered Society with the Registry of Society and a registered Charity with IPC status under Commissioner of Charities (MCCY Charities Unit).

What We Do and Who We Help?

We seek to instil positive values/strong character to youth between the age of 14- 35. We engage them to be resilient, be innovative in serving others in entrepreneurship and be rooted to Singapore as their home. We are also committed to transform the lives of disadvantaged/ less academically bright children and youth to have greater confidence in their abilities and a brighter future.

YouthBank is a volunteer management system allowing our youths to ‘deposit’ their volunteer time and facilitating youth leaders to recruit, organise and manage volunteers for meaningful community projects.

Our Volunteers

10-member volunteer Board of Directors.  We consciously create volunteer opportunities for a wide range of youths.  Since inception, we have worked with 59,000 youth volunteers.

How Much Money do we Need?

It costs close to $800,000, about $10 an hour, to run our youth programmes for one year. 

Our Fund-raising Efforts

  • Corporate sponsorship in developing win-win Corporate Social Responsibility programmes/projects
  • Fundraising events