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Why donate to Youth Business Singapore (YBS)?
YBS strongly believes that the aspiration and resilience of Singapore’s youth will propel our society with a soul. Our cosmopolitan culture places emphasis on creating an entrepreneurial spirit with a “think global” but “feel local” mindset in our local youths. While not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur, we can all still be enterprising in the way we operate at our workplaces, as company employees.

YBS supports Singapore youths who have good business ideas but are unable to obtain financing for their business start-up. They are not necessary poor and needy (they do not suffer physical impairment or life-threatening illnesses and are not impoverished), but they are disadvantaged because they lack the finances needed for their business start-ups. This makes it far more challenging for YBS to raise funds from the public because our clients do not have any ‘heart-wrenching’ personal stories to share. However, they do have stories of hope and inspiration.

We earnestly seek your support to help us develop youths from become job creators instead of just job seekers. Be a part of YBS if you share the same interest in developing Singapore’s youth to be more resilient and to have a greater global outlook and a broader perspective of life.

Your support will:

  • generate an educational outreach to 100,000 youths across 100 schools in Singapore
  • contribute towards building a self-sustainable economy thus reducing the unemployment rate among the youths in Singapore.
  • kindle entrepreneurial excellence in Singapore 

It costs $500,000 (with 2.5 times tax-deductions) to run the YBS programme. This translates to a training and development cost of $5.00 per student. 

Every dollar you sponsor or donate, will provide educational outreach to:

  • Promote an entrepreneurial culture among young people in Singapore through collaborations with local schools, entrepreneurs and corporations.
  • Provide accessible financing for viable youth start-ups and fund the expansion of existing youth businesses
  • Provide appropriate support in the form of business training, mentoring and networking opportunities

As part of our commitment to our donors, all donations will be channeled strategically to ensure success of our youth programmes. 

You can contribute through:

  • Mail
    Please download the donation form and post your donation and the completed form to: Heartware Network
    *SCAPE Building 2 Orchard Link #05-07A Singapore 237978 
  • Online Donation
    Credit Cards

    Internet Banking
    Currently, the online donation application is under construction.

Donors are kindly requested to donate by cheque at this point of time until further notice.